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by Tony Kushner and Jeanine Tesori

It’s late 1960, and warm for November in Louisiana. The southern air is thick with the tensions of a changing nation. Caroline Thibodeaux continues her work as a maid in the muggy basement of the Gellmans, a Jewish family still rocked by the sudden death of a wife, and mother. Embittered by the limitations of her blackness and tired from a life of servitude, she finds little joy in her life. When she asks for a raise her bosses are unable to give, Caroline finds every relationship in her life strained to the point of breaking.

Presented with the generous support of Weber County RAMP, and Ogden City Arts

This full-length musical is recommended for ages 13 and up.

Runtime: 2 hours, with 10 minute intermission

DIRECTED BY Teresa Sanderson


Caroline Thibodeaux...Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin

Noah Gellman...Oliver Kokai-Means

Rose Stopnick Gellman...Natalie Keezer

Stuart Gellman...Aaron Ross

Emmie Thibodeaux...Daisy Allred

Dotty Moffett...Alicia Washington

The Washing Machine...Kortney King-Lives

The Dryer/Bus...Tristan Johnson

The Radio...Detorea Holy, Olivia Lusk, & Sibley Snowden

Mr. Stopnick...Michael Nielsen

Grandma Gellman...Jayne Luke

Grandpa Gellman...Paul Naylor

Jackie Thibodeaux...Mikaya Wilson

Joe Thibodeaux...Aiden-Isaiah Oliver

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