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Catharsis Two: Inside Voices

Three and a half years after the first Catharsis, all hell is still breaking loose. Imagine! Constitution is back, only this time she busts a child out of ICE and the pair go on an adventure to find The New Normal. On the way the pair meets some other Goodies, try to avoid a bunch of Baddies, and sing some songs!


In an age where every emotion is Political℠ and all politics are absurd, it's time to dial those feelings up to a million, and unleash the Kraken of Tears. Through theatre! But, you know. Distanced.

September 24 - October 3

Thursday - Saturday at 7:30pm

Runtime: 80 minutes, no intermission

Not suitable for audiences under age 13.



Small Box | $35

seats up to 3 people 

Large Box | $70

seats up to 6 people


Show will be in the East parking lot of GCT


There will be limited stalls available on the south side of the parking lot

Please park off of 25th Street (on Maiden Lane) or under the 24th Street viaduct if you are able to walk a short distance to reserve spaces for those who need them


Patrons are required to wear masks since performers will not be wearing masks during the show

All boxes are reasonably distanced from each other and the performing area


Chairs are disinfected before each performance

Attendants will be available to direct patrons to a single person restroom if requested



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