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by Jacqueline Goldfinger

directed by Flo Bravo




Olivia Custodio

Nicole Finney

Mickey Larson

Jesse Nepivoda

What would you do if you had the power to build your own baby? And a best friend who is a talking Stork? In this version of a near future society, prospective parents learn within the first weeks of conception which genetic traits their child will have, and what behaviors they are likely to exhibit.

BABEL is produced at GOOD COMPANY THEATRE as a part of a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere. Other partnering theaters are UNICORN THEATRE (KANSAS CITY, MO), THEATRE EXILE (PHILADELPHIA), CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN THEATER FESTIVAL (SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV), PASSAGE THEATRE (TRENTON, NJ), and FLORIDA STUDIO THEATRE (SARASOTA). For more information please visit 

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