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Fremont Junior High is NOT Doing Oklahoma!
by Paul Michael Thomson

Directed by Penelope Caywood

September 16-

October 3, 2020

Friday-Saturday at 8pm

Sunday at 4pm

ASL Performance September 25


World Premiere

Click to view COVID-19 policy


Fourteen-year-old queer boy Chrysanthemum is the endearing know-it-all serving as president of the Drama Club Council and is based on no playwright in particular. His best friend is Vice President Phylicia, a coloratura soprano in every way. (If you’ve ever done musical theatre, you know what I'm talking about!!) They are best best friends, okay? They comment on each other’s posts out of desire, not obligation. But when FJHS announces the spring musical will be Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!, our protagonists rift. Shoot! Now one of them is the antagonist. But which one?!



Content advisement: pervasive adult language



Joseph Branca (he/him) as Chrysanthemum

Alvaro Cortez (he/him) as Travis

Scotty Fletcher (he/they) as Zac

Talia Heiss (she/her) as Phylicia

Alec Kalled (he/him) as Jack

Zaza Vandyke (they/them/hers) as Alexy

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