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Queer the Stage
A GCT Original

April 21-30

Friday-Saturday at 8pm

Sunday at 4pm


Camden Barrett

Ava Zawhore

Kassandra Torres

Jamelle Avei

Daisy Ali All

Christian David Clarke

Aaron Linford Allred

Tai Galla

In this fresh and undeniably homosexual series, we invite some of the Utah theatre community’s most out and talented performers to explore the ways gayness has shown up in Broadway music. Starting with The Golden Age, the years between about 1940 and 1960,  Queer the Stage will take a sonic duck walk through various eras of and themes in musical theatre, bringing attention to the ways queers have uniquely contributed to and made better this most American of art forms.

As long as humans have been singing there have been songs about love, longing, and life. Some of those humans were and are very gay. The advent of Vaudeville brought with it new ways for queers to express the range of human emotion and storytelling by singing the house down. (Boots.)

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