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To Saints and Stars
by Jordan Ramirez Puckett

directed by Alexandra Harbold

November 3-20, 2022

Friday-Saturday at 8pm

Sunday at 4pm

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Best friends Sofía and Zoe speak to each other every day. They have since childhood, when the planet was cooler and the possibilities of their futures seemed endless as they stargazed together. Now, Zoe has a master's degree in Theology and serves as the dutiful wife of her husband, a priest. Sofía is a NASA astronaut with ambitions to travel to other planets and save humanity. When Zoe reveals her pregnancy and Sofía becomes scheduled to be on the first manned mission to Mars their faith and friendship is put to the test.

Content warning: adult language and implied sexual violence.



Alvaro Cortez as John

Chelsea Jurkiewicz as Zoe

Alex Smith as Ken

Kassandra Torres as Sofia

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